The vineyards of Fruška Gora were created thanks to the Roman emperor Mark Aurelius Probus. During the Roman Empire, he spent six years in Srem, where he leaves his indelible mark on Fruška Gora, since he was the first one that planted the vine.

From southern Italy or Greece, in the period between 276 and 282 he brought a vine he had planted somewhere in the vicinity of Divos, on the southwestern slopes of Fruška Gora.

Much later, about 1235, French monks from Champagne arrived in Srem, and planted vineyards which was received more than successfully. Throughout the Middle Ages, up to the Turkish conquests, the vineyards of Fruška Gora had, according to many historical sources, the best wine of medieval Hungary.

The cultural, political and economic flourishing of the Sremski Karlovci were recorded, and the wine and viticulture followed their successes in the 18th century. In the mid of this century, there were about 2,500ha under the vine alone in the Karlovac area. Bermet and Ausbruch were the best that was offered from Karlovac wines, which is what the region is still known today.

Other historical sources responsibly claim that Empress Maria Theresa worshiped the Bermet of Karlovac, which was also used on the only voyage of the most famous ship of all time, the Titanic.